Got an "about this call" right after I got a phone call


I started getting “about this call” messages after I got phone calls and I clicked on one, it and now I get phone calls from people on my contact list BUT its not from them. I got one yesterday from bobb and when I answered it it was a “voter something survey” so I hung up. I talked to bobb yesterday pm and he checked his phone and had not dialed me. Got another “about this call” today but didn’t open it. Anybody have this?


Hi @kevinl.d1k7kz
Exactly where are these messages ? Are you in a browser or an app or what? Can you take a screenshot and post it in this thread so others can see it and help figure it out?
A support ticket may need to be made to have them look at a screenshot too.


Hi @kevinl.d1k7kz,

Before opening a support ticket, please do tell us more about what “about this call” messages present themselves on your phone. Could it be something that a newly installed app is doing?


This strongly suggests a new app that purports to block spam, provide caller ID, etc etc. What model phone are you using?


I do not use a browser on my phone except for scanning prices or using moviepass or fandango, I do not have spam blocking apps on my phone.

Also it is a Moto X


Hi @kevinl.d1k7kz,

If you long press (touch and hold) that notification, instead of tapping it, does a circled “i” :circlei: appear? If so, what happens if you tap the :circlei:?


I think this is the app that is causing this:

The icon looks like a match and the the behavior you describe matches what that app purports to do.


Installed the App on my Device. I get the same alert. Looks like @johnny5 has solved the mystery.


Your right, that is what it is, when I tap on it it shows on a map where the call came from. It is a scam because it wants to charge money for more information. I did not install it BUT just uninstalled. Thanks for that.
BUT why do I get phone calls from my contact list of people BUT the calls aren’t from them? Example, I got a call from bobb, bob knows I hate phones but he called at 8am (never calls at 8am) so I figured an emergency or something! It was actually a live call from a “voter survey scam”. the number called from was a 202 area code, ours is 480


It shows a map with pricing ranges.


It could be spoofing. Sometimes sketchy businesses can use these practices.


I Thank all you guys for your time and help and hopefully this ends it, I hate problems!
Thanks again


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