Got defective phone from RW a couple years

my moto e5 play headphone jack hasn’t worked from day 1. it’s getting me in hot water with a major client becuz it causes feedback after i tried bending the pins that hold the head phone jack. will rw, take this in trade since they ripped me off when they sold defective equip?

Hi @waynv

The Moto e5 play was released back in the middle of 2018.
All Motorola Phones come with a 1 year warranty. So it sound like it’s too late to send it in.

(You really should have not waited to have this fixed) :wink:

Unfortunately at this point your options are picking a place for repair and sending it in. You can still do that with Motorola but there will probably be a service fee. You can reach them here:


RW has a 14 day return policy. Moto has a 1 year warranty. Seems to me that was plenty of time to take care of it if you considered it defective from day 1.


it never worked so i just didn’t use headphones, i tried to fix
it now it gives feedback on speaker (unless lousy reception) all
i need is a new headphone jack. i can replace it myself. any idea
where i can get one?

I’m afraid I don’t have any recommendations for you. :thinking:
But you’re asking this in a public Community forum so other Members might pop-in with some ideas for you. :slight_smile:

PS: Well, one more option:

i won’t use bluetooth, enough radiation going on already with
wifi and cell. and plus if the faulty from the factory headphone
jack is causing the feedback then it won’t do anything. the
current jack needs to come out… i think… unless the feedback
from the speakerphone is a new hardware problem. i guess that’s
what i get for buying chinese owned AND chinese made when i could
have bought South Korean (Samsung). I hope we’ve all learned to
avoid chinese owned and chinese made when we can.

There is no harmful radiation from smartphones or bluetooth.
There is no scientific or medical proof that smartphones or wireless devices like wifi and such cause any type of harm from their wireless signals.

That being said, keeping the phone it self not against your head when on a call, would be a positive thing anyways of using a bluetooth headset for call…since the radio power of the headset is much lower than that of the phone. So any concerns you may have, should be less using a headset, vs the phone directly against your head.

As far as headphone jack, you can try to take the phone to a repair shop, like C.P.R. (Google them). The cost to replace the jack, may be more than the phone is worth and it may be better to just buy a newer model phone at that point)

uh huh, i see you haven’t read very far on this subject. all i
need is a $5 part and i can do it myself, if it’s modular like
many of the moto’s.

I haven’t torn apart phones in several years…most phones these days are hard to repair and glued together. best left to the experts to tear apart and repair. I have seen many reports of DIY fixes that end up breaking other parts of the device when they try.Very small micro wires and solder point in there.

Find a local “tech” shop that repairs electronics.

i took this one apart last night. no glue. the back cover snaps
off. there were 13 screws i unscrewed to get access to jack. but
that cover didn’t snap off easy so i backed off not wanting to
risk taking my phone out of service for tomorrow and it was
already late. so a project for another time. although i’ve looked
and haven’t been able to find the part anywhere. so why bother
proceeding if you don’t have the part. it’s well worth the risk
because i have a client who has been getting very perturbed by the
sound quality of our conversation (Feedback) and we spend a lot of
time on the phone for which i get paid hourly. think he may have
made an inference that he was sending someone else to finish this

at their prices and the risk of it not getting fixed i might as
well buy a new phone.i’d change the jack myself but can’t find the
part moto e5 play.

Have you considered contacting Motorola about sourcing the part? Alternatively, iFixit generally has the most complete DIY guides for phone repair. Perhaps, they might point you to a source for the part?

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