Got Phone... what next?

I’m confused… I just got my phone, and there’s supposed to be a temp phone number but I have no dial tone. So I signed in to a gmail account, updated the RW app… but it’s already asking me to pick a data plan… and I don’t even know how the phone works… and eventually I want to transfer my home phone over. ’

So I have to pick a plan first, then RW will assign a temp number?

So later if I like the service… what if I wan T-Mobile as opposed to the other RW carrier?


Try this

Hi @robbs :slight_smile:

Let’s start with how to activate your phone, you have made some of the steps:

How to Activate a Cell Phone or SIM Card – Republic Help

You’re on the right track… you’ll need to pick a plan and will be given a phone number.


Please look at this post for that answer :wink:

If you bought the phone through Republic, the SIM in the phone should be a good one for your location. To find out what SIM (and service you are using), please check this out:

If it’s GSM, you’re on T-mobile.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

Thanks for that but it doesn’t really deal with getting that temp number for the trial. Why would I have to sign up for a plan yet? And while I’m sure I’ll keep the phone, there’s no option for prepaying for the year.

Did you read this? Cell Phone Plans – Republic Wireless

It’s looks like I’m a go. So I’m not being billed until after the trial is over… or I switch to my home phone number? The reason I ask is because I intend to prepay for the year. Ouch those taxes and fees add up.

So thanks all!

Hi @robbs,

There is no trial. You’re billed for one month at activation. If you decide service isn’t a fit, you can cancel within the first 14 days for your money back. See:

There’s no option to pay annually when you first activate because annual payment is non-refundable, and we want you to try the service before you make that commitment.

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