Got the help I needed via message an expert


I just want to give a shout out to the great help I recently rec’d here. I am not a techie person and have not kept up with the changes going on here. Seeing “Message a Community Expert”, I decided to try it. I quickly rec’d answers to my questions about porting one number out of my account & setting up another family member with a RW line using my old phone. Then a day later once I thought the port was done, I was still having issues. (it turns out there is a 72 hr window) Again, “Message” came to the rescue quickly. Both times the people helping seemed to anticipate a potential trouble point or offered a link to an “How To”. So, much thanks to this great community and the quick help received! I am guessing I probably asked questions that have been asked before. Y’all probably get tired of seeing the same thing but nonetheless, I was treated professionally & kindly.

We would have all 4 family lines here at RW. However, when our internet decides to act up, Verizon cell is stronger than Sprint here at our house on our ancient Moto G1’s. :slight_smile: So one phone is not at RW.

If anyone is considering RW, our family just wants to let people know Republic works & you can get the help you need! Thank you RW Community!


I glad the expert program was able to assist you may want to also post this here


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Hi @paulat.0p5ea5,

Thanks for the kind words about our Expert program and our member Community. I’ve moved your post into our * Kudo & Win! * topic. Thank you for taking the time to write up your experience and express your appreciation for the help you received!