GPS Enabled Moto G and pictures


I have recently been hired by a company that requires me taking photographs using a GPS enabled phone. I went to the APP called Device Help and it shows that it is GPS enabled. If I take a picture, do I have to have WIFI on the Moto G in order for the GPS to work and do the coordinates appear upon the picture I have taken and will submit? I am new to this and appreciate any and all help from this forum.
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Hello @cajunkev1!

Which Moto G do you have? Most phones do have a GPS. However, it will not be as accurate as if you had data and the device GPS enabled (High Accuracy option). If you don’t have data, go to the Location settings and flip it to “Device only”. That uses the GPS and does not require data. For further reading on the different location services modes, see this link. Ihope that helps!



I have the MOTO G3. I will gladly purchase the WIFI from Republic Wireless if you think that is the most accurate way of taking a picture. I appreciate you taking time to help me.
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Well, it really depends on how precise you want it. If you need it to be as precise as possible (like if you are in a small shopping center and want it to get the exact store right), you probably want to use the high accuracy mode.


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