GPS location is slightly off for various applications

Hi. Over the last couple of weeks, I have recently had problems with my google maps or Strava location being slightly off. It’s showing my current location slight north/east/west/south of where I really am so showing incorrect directions and/or incorrect distance being tracked on Strava and corresponding stats. Only once I reboot my phone does the problem clear up. Was there a recent update to gps settings or data usage reduced to mess that up?

What phone do you have?

Hi @deirdrec.ikaeec,

Republic has made no changes I’m aware of that would explain your experience. For your Moto X Pure at Settings -> Location; is Mode set to High accuracy?

Not a Android problem alone, last week we got ‘lost’ twice as the GPS was out enough to miss major turns … I finally convinced my wife to reboot her iPhone and all was well

Moto X Pure

It is set to High accuracy

I use my phone for orienteering (I know a bad idea), and I was seeing some problems.

I saw where a guy had written an app to help mitigate these “drifts”.

GPS Reset COM - Tools & Repair - Android Apps on Google Play

I don’t think it fixed it, but it did get better.

For GPS to derive your location it requires visibility of a minimum of 3 4 satellites,* and for the most accurate readings, the phone should be set to ‘High accuracy’ mode.*

See some of the following for more than most of us want to know:

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