GPS No longer working consistently



Phone Brand : Motorola

Phone Model : Moto X v.1

Plan : Refund 2.0

Plan Data : Do you have data on cell? Yes

Issue Description

Recently my phone has been having issues connecting to and staying connected to the GPS, I use the GPS for driving directions as well as tracking my biking. It seems to work better for the latter than the former. I have tried multiple apps like Google Maps, Here and Wave, as well as Strava, Endomondo, Map My Ride, results are the same. I can start out in my car and the GPS will connect, but shortly thereafter will lose the connection. I have tried using the GPS utility app, tried reinstalling, even reset the phone, all with the same results. Thoughts?


Hi @davidz.75s6p1,

Perhaps, it’s too early, however, I’m uncertain I grasp what you are reporting.

Are you unable to use navigation apps due to inability to remain connected to cell data? If so, are you able to use other apps requiring a data connection (anything that accesses the Internet)?

Or, are you saying your phone is unable to acquire GPS satellites? If this is the case, the sensor in your X1 may have failed?

Please advise.


Yes, I am unable to acquire the satellites.


I’m sorry to hear that and it’s not a good sign. By reset the phone, I presume you mean a factory reset. If so, did you allow Google to restore apps and settings? If the answer to that question is yes, a second factory reset while declining Google’s offer is worth a shot. In case it’s needed more on factory resetting one’s phone here: Factory Reset – Republic Help.

If you’ve already performed a factory reset without restoring apps and settings, I’m afraid it’s likely that the hardware GPS sensor in your X1 has failed. You might chat with Motorola about a repair:

Otherwise, it may be time to consider a new phone. Sorry to be the bearer of unwelcome news.




Don’t cry for me, Amelia-tina! I just ended up buying a Moto G5 plus. :wink:


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