GPS signal lost / Google Maps super slow

Moto G Stylus

My Choice Plan (3GB still have data left)

Issue Description

Google Maps has only intermittent signal, will often say “GPS signal loss” while in use. On trips with GPS, phone seems to update every 60 secs and sometimes will go 10 mins without updating.

Hi @scotth.mbgtdd

GPS signal comes from satellites in low-earth orbit. If you are under trees that still have leaves, that can obstruct your phone receiving GPS signals. Google Maps also uses cell data for a variety of tasks so if you are in an area with low/no cell signal, that can make things worse.

One thing you can do to mitigate this is to pre-load the maps for your travels. You do this over WiFi before you start on your trip. Here is a link to the instructions:

Also, I recommend you be sure the Google Maps app on your phone is up-to-date.