Great Deals on ‘Newish’ Phones from Our New Partner

Originally published at: is one of the most trusted sources for buying and selling pre-owned phones – or in their words “newish” phones. This is because Swappa has a very hands-on approach to ensuring the quality of the tech offered on their site, and now that includes a “store” where you can find unlocked Android phones that work with Republic Wireless service. Yes, the Republic shop on Swappa will have only Republic compatible phones, and you can shop them by brand or price. Swappa has over 10,000 reviews on Trustpilot with a near perfect 5-star rating, so you know you can trust…


Assuming that Swappa can get any, are they going to offer any older Motorola phones that are compatible with the Republic Refund plan?

If a seller wishes to sell a Republic Wireless 1.0 / 2.0 phone on Swappa, they may do so. I haven’t seen one appear for sale there in quite a while.

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To be clear, Swappa doesn’t get anything or offer anything. Swappa is a marketplace like eBay and items sold there are sold by individual sellers.

Thanks for the clarification. I guess I should have worded my question something like this:

If a seller offers a Republic 1.0 / 2.0 phone on Swappa, will it automatically show up in the Republic Wireless section of the Swappa website?

Good question. I look at for legacy phones.

It’s unclear until and unless a seller offers one for sale. In the past, legacy phones have been listed on Swappa here:

I think this is really great. There is such a glut of new phones on the market, all rather interchangeable as far as my minimal needs are concerned. Might as well buy used. Nice that there will be an easy way to do this when it comes time to replace my Moto G7 in a few years.

Thank you @cbwahlstrom, and thank you @rolandh

Can I buy from a phone through Swappa to replace one of my current republic phones??

Hi @jamesf.45p883,

In a word, yes, so long as the Swappa acquired phone is Republic compatible.

If you go to through this link , you can find the phones on that work with Republic Wireless.

It’s always good to see Republic Execs join in on discussions within the Community Forum :smile:
I followed your 1st link, but have been unable to find any devices that display the Republic Wireless image :rw: … what am I missing?

Hi @jben,

I think you’d have to give us the exact steps you’re taking in order for us to determine what it is you’re missing.

Here are the steps I followed.

First, I clicked the link @joel repeated:

Then I picked the very first phone displayed. Today, and for my particular click, it’s the Pixel 3XL
That took me to this page that lists lots of Pixel 3XLs that are available on Swappa.

From there, I clicked the very first one on the list, which for me is a listing by a “Jeff E”

That listing is at

And on that page, I see:

The republic logo is at top, right.

Now, Swappa does have similar partnerships with a variety of brands, so depending on algorithms we aren’t privy to, you may see some other logo sometimes. Your experience may not be identical to mine.

My bad,
I was too focused on trying to find the :rw: among all the other identifiers provided, and may have not drilled all the way to the Buy Now page
Very sorry, now please ignore me, until after the 1st of the year

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It was a good exercise to make it clear what it is we’re talking about, so others know where to look, as well.

Even though I have some time off over the holidays, I won’t be ignoring anyone in our Member Community. :smiley:


Don’t feel bad @jben … till @southpaw pointed it out, I didn’t see the branding either :flushed:
(I didn’t go far enough clicking a link to a specific phone)

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