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My Samsung Note 10 plus will not send group messages. It sends them as individual text. How do I fix this? I have gone in and changed things based on a previous post I saw, but it keeps reverting back to sending my group messages as individual messages. Thank you for your help!

Hi @amyc.ymgues and welcome to the Member Community. Are you using Google Messages? If so, see if this helps.

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Are you using a supported Messaging App? Which Messaging App Should I Use? – Republic Help

Thank you, but this is the post I tried, and it doesn’t work.
Also, I don’t get error messages. It just simply sends as individual texts. That is the only way I know it is doing it is because people get it and respond as an individual.

I’m using the android messaging app that comes on the phone.

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Hi @amyc.ymgues I’m not sure what the standard android messaging app is on the Samsung Note 10 plus (we’re running Moto G6s in our house).

Does the icon look like this – Google Messages Icon

Just trying to make sure we’re talking about the same messaging app :grinning:

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Ha! I’m not sure either, but it looks like this. Thank you for your time on this. I’m sorry I’m delayed in responding. I am a teacher and I am answering questions for my students too.


Hi @amyc.ymgues,

That’s the Samsung Messages app. It is not compatible with our service. You’ll need to download and install the Messages app by Google from the Play Store at


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