Group texting annoyance

I have a moto g7 power talk and text only. About 1 month ago I typed out a text in a group message to my brothers and it sent just fine; however, it created a new group thread with the same people, but added me as an additional participant showing my number only. Now, anytime I respond to any group message, it creates a new thread and sends the message twice: once as my contact and once as just my number.

Has anybody heard of this??

Thanks in advance.


Is this issue unique to the particular group that has the extra entry of your name…or are you saying that any group text message that you send out creates this duplicate group?

What texting app are you using? Perhaps clearing the cache of that app might clear it up.
Also, might be worth updating the texting app… hopefully using Google Messages.

@mattb.twxvvq Are you still having this issue?

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No it stopped a few days ago. I forgot to post on here. It was with the default messages app. All I did was go into the advanced settings in the app and noticed that the number listed as my number wasn’t my number, so I changed it back to my number and the problem went away.


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