Group texting isn't working while using wifi

I get a message to try downloading again and they will not download until I turn the wifi off. I also am having issues sending and receiving picture messages. I have a Samsung S7 Edge.


Try using another texting app like Textra, for now. The issue is there appears to be a bug in the latest version of Android Messenger that breaks this feature on Samsung S7 and S7Edge phones. We are still digging into it but the issue only happens on the latest version of Android Messenger on those phones over WiFi.


I am having exactly the same problem and tried to use other messaging apps (Textra included). Republic service would only allow Android Messages to be used.


We have lots of people using Textra. You just need to set the MMS type of System.

for 3.0 phones any texting app that supports System MMS APIs (may need to set this up in the app setting) will work it’s just Android Messages that is officially supported by Republic

Textra isn’t working for me either. What exactly do I need to change in settings to get it to work?

Textra is now working, I needed to change MMS Behavior from Legacy to System in the settings.


For others reading wanting to use Textra as a workaround for this issue (and as noted by @rewana) some tweaks to Textra’s default settings need to be made. To do that:

  1. Open Textra.
  2. Tap 3 dots upper right.
  3. Tap Settings.
  4. Scroll to, then tap MMS.
  5. Tap MMS Behavior.
  6. Select System (Legacy is the default).

Looking forward to finding the solution for Google messages, as I am having the same issue.

Same for me. I also followed instructions, but Textra is still not sending pics.

If Textra isn’t working after changing the “MMS Behavior” to System, you’ve got some other issue going on.

I too am having problems sending & receiving group texts and photos with my S7. While the problem may originate with Google, it’s Republic’s to solve. The answer I was given when I opened a ticket was “sorry, you’ll have to turn WiFi off to view these texts” which is bunk. Republic should give us free cell data until the problem is fixed. The phone doesn’t operate as advertised, and that is their problem.

The issue is that the latest version of Google’s Android Messenger broke the System API only on Samsung S7 and S7 Edge phones. The good news is we do not only work with Android Messenger. You can use, Textra, Chomp, Signal, Handcent Next SMS, or Messages +. They should all work. We cannot control if a developer has a bug but we can try to be open to alternative apps. You do not need to use cell.

We have reported the issue to Samsung and Google.

While I agree use of cell rather than WiFi for text messaging isn’t ideal, I would point out Republic doesn’t charge extra beyond monthly plan fees for cell data used for messaging nor is cell data used for messaging deducted from user purchased cell data for Internet access. In light of that, I see no justification to ask for additional free cell data.

I can personally verify Chomp, Signal and Textra all work for me. For whatever reason, Handcent does not. I haven’t experimented with Messages +.

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