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I have a Google Pixel 2 on the my choice plan. I just try to send a group text to more than 10 people. when I tried to add more than 10 it stopped me and said that the group maximum was reached. Is there a work around to send a text to more than 10? I’m a scoutmaster trying to send a group text to my scouts. I was using the anywhere app previously and didn’t have any problems. Is this specific to Android messages?


Yes, see document from Republic Help

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Thanks. That is disappointing…

You may find an alternative messaging system that provides more, but have no experience with any and not sure how Republic would work with them.
One that I found in another forum where the same question was asked/answered is

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This is a very common limit. Samsung phones have the same limit. All users on AT&T have the same limit. Etc, etc. MMS was never designed to be a large group communication method. For such uses a data based application is going to be a much better bet.

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My granddaughters softball team uses GroupMe to keep everyone notified.
I was added so the group to know about schedule changes if I was responsible for her that day. I never downloaded the app myself and was still able to receive and send SMS.

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Thanks everyone. I downloaded Groupme last night and will give that a try to see if that will work.


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