Group-texts downloading in individual threads

What phone do you have? Alcatel AC30Plus

What plan are you on? My Choice

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text? Data, Talk and Text

Issue Description

Whenever I get a text message that was sent to a group, the message doesn’t download in the group thread. Instead I get a message from the individual sender saying “New MMS message to download” with the file size, expiration, time sent, and the notice that I can “Tap to Download”. (It appears as a direct message from a single contact, not as a message in the group-thread).

If I tap the notification to download the MMS message, the message then appears in the group-text, but I often have to download multiple messages in multiple threads to be able to keep up with a conversation.

So my question: How do I get group-texts to download automatically, in the group thread, instead of receiving individual notifications scattered across multiple, one-on-one conversations?

Maybe this will help:

also about group texts:

Based on your profile note that you came from Verizon Wireless…this is most likely a coverage issue. If you don’t mind can you share your zip code?

Thanks Amitl. I did come from Verizon Wireless before switching to Republic. My zip is 97205

I don’t think its a coverage issue, though, because it happens with every group-text, no matter where I am. I also have full bars at work and at home, which is primarily where this happens.

I really think its a problem with the Anywhere App trying to save data or something by not automatically downloading MMS messages. I’ve scoured the settings (both in the app, with the 3 dots in the top right, and through my phone’s settings) and nothing seems to address this.

Unfortunately, its not a problem with outgoing text messages – just incoming text messages. I can message a group just fine – I just can’t download messages from a group without first going to each individual’s text thread, downloading the MMS, and going back to the group thread to decipher which message arrived in which order.

What you are describing usually happens in areas of poor data coverage… this behavior is not unique to Anywhere app…but you can try using Google Messages and see if you get any different experience.

Your A30 works on T-mobile for cellular coverage…I see several pockets of fair coverage
(fair = not so great) which usually doesn’t work very well especially indoors.

Several of the phones supported by RW work on GSM (T-mobile) or CDMA (Sprint)…unfortunately your A30 only works on GSM (T-mobile)…so switching to a CDMA SIM card is not an option for you.

I will send you some additional info via DM.

You initially say “Alcatel AC30Plus” as the phone model. I want to be sure of something here, this is an Alcatel A30 you got from Republic?

Thanks! Its definitely not a coverage issue, because it happens no matter where I am and it happens with every grouptext.

And yes, its the Alcatel A30 from Republic. :slight_smile:

Did you try the Google Messages app?

@mathewsdmb Are you still having an issue?

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