Group texts received delayed, out of order, or not at all

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Moto Z Play, Android 8
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My Choice + 1 GB
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Data included

Issue Description

I have noticed over the past month or so, group text (MMS) messages in 2 different groups with 3 and 6 participants are either not received at all, received out of order, or received very delayed. I am using the Messages by Google app for texting and am on WiFi, because coronavirus. None of the other participants are on RW.

Another participant (AT&T, iPhone 8) checked their phone and showed me the complete thread, though occasionally they received messages out of order too in the 6 participant group text. This issue doesn’t happen all of the time, but sometimes I receive the missed messages out of order several hours later during the middle of the night.

I tried restarting my phone but the issue still occurs.

Unfortunately the cellular networks have been struggling a bit under the vastly increased load of the work at home / school at home / be at home results of the Corona Virus. There is a 3rd party interconnection between networks that routes MMS (group and picture) messages and it has been REALLY backed up. This isn’t impacting just Republic, I help out not just here, but with AT&T as well, and I’m seeing dozens of tickets an hour about the issue. The symptom you’re describing is precisely what’s happening with the issue with this interconnection.

Thanks @louisdi for confirming it’s not just me. I searched for similar issues on here and didn’t find much recently related, other than large group text issues. Just curious, where can I learn more about the 3rd party interconnection?

There isn’t an official post anywhere that I’m aware of but I’m one of the community members that answers questions for Republic and in addition I do the same for some other cell phone companies and they’re all getting lots of tickets regarding MMS and we’ve been told that this is being caused by one of the interconnection points impacting multiple carriers.

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