GroupMe Drops Support for Republic Wireless

Both me and my son tried to create GroupMe accounts last week and were not successful.
After a round of troubleshooting with GroupMe support on both phones it was determined that they no longer support Republic Wireless. This is true even if the underlying Sprint or T-Mobile phone number is provided during signup. Here is their final response:

From: GroupMe Support
Sent: Wednesday, November 20, 2019 12:15:42 PM
To: xxx
Subject: RE: SR■■■■■■■■■■■■D - PIN

Hi There!

Thank you for keeping us updated.

Recently, we have updated our process for Account Creation to integrate an improved security development for all GroupMe users. GroupMe only support now a real mobile number that is acquired from a local telco provider. We no longer support virtual, VOIP numbers, Google Voice Number , Internet based phone number , landline land or Republic wireless .

In your case, it might be the phone carrier of your number is not supported by GroupMe that is why you are getting an error when you enter the PIN that you received on your phone number.

Moving forward, we highly suggest to use a different phone number to create a GroupMe account.

Thank you for your kind understanding and cooperation.

Kind Regards,
Vivialyn Q.
Groupme- a Microsoft Service

Unless anyone has a suggestion we haven’t tried, this seems final and I am posting this as more of an FYI.
Whatever new security protocol is causing Republic to be excluded is unfortunately expanding to more services.

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