GSM and CDMA on one phone?


Is GSM and CDMA on one phone available yet?


You can use a phone that has both in it, but only one can be configured. Google Fi style dynamic switching is not supported.


Hi @mistermike,

If you’re asking about the ability for Republic service to shift between its’ GSM and CDMA cellular partners as Google’s Project Fi does, the answer is no. Additionally, while this is no doubt an aspirational goal for Republic, I’ve seen no indication that it’s something likely to happen in the short run if ever. To date, only Google has done it and only on devices (Pixel and Nexus) where Google has complete control of the operating system.

If you’re asking whether some Republic supported phones are capable of being provisioned for coverage with either Republic’s GSM partner or its CDMA partner, more information is here: Republic Wireless Coverage – Republic Help.


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