GSM coverage confusion


Quick story, So my Moto X 2nd gen is dying a slow death by degraded battery life, had it since it came out… Patiently been waiting to see if the Moto Z will ever have a CDMA version, which looks like it’s not… And my X is getting worse.

I’ve been browsing the forums and am still confused… So GSM will roam in my area according to one coverage map I found, but according to one post in order to receive text messages on GSM you have to have data. But if there is no roaming data that pretty much means your phone is worthless is it not? Or does that not apply to texts? What about voice?

My zip is 68467 and I couldn’t care less about data, the times I go outta town is east to Lincoln or Omaha would be the only time I would really use data and I would have coverage there.

But my question is if I’m out enjoying the weather in my home town would texts work or not on roaming GSM with no data?

I really want the Moto Z… Lol


Would a Play suffice?

The new Moto Z 2 Play is CDMA capable but can currently only be used with RW’s GSM network. It’s been reported it should be compatible with RW’s CDMA network later this year.

I’ll defer your roaming text question to somebody with personal/practical experience. Good luck with your new phone choce.


It applies to neither. The roaming data restriction is on USER access to data. The Republic App continues to have access to romaing data, where availble.


Will it be a simple over the air update for CDMA, or a new batch of phones?

Also regarding the play, any word if there will be a 64gb version on RW?

Thank you guys so much for the input… :slight_smile:


it would not be automatic one would need a help ticket to do this (they need to reconfigure their interface with the CDMA partner and send you a new SIM one they are able to activate the Moto Z2 on CDMA (and there no time frame for this )


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