GSM Coverage for My Location?

How do I check GSM sim card coverage for my location?

Okay, maybe a last question for you (you’ve been SO helpful, thanks!):

The GSM carrier is T-Mobile, so all I need to have is T-Mobile coverage, right?

Hi @joshh.qc33jp,

I moved your follow-up question to this topic, so we don’t derail the announcement with details specific to one person.

I see @rolandh typing, I’ll let him address your coverage question.

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Hi @joshh.qc33jp,

You are correct, Republic’s GSM network partner is indeed T-Mobile. If you know T-Mobile has good coverage in your area, there’s really no need to check further. If you’d like us to opine on that and are willing to do so, please share your zip code.

You may also verify Republic’s GSM coverage here: Cell Phone Coverage Map – Republic Wireless. I would caution you not to accept the 30,000 foot overview. Rather, I suggest entering at least a zip code in the search box.

Thank you both so much! We’re good to go!#woot

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If you get the phone and experience does not match your expectations, please let us know. We do anticipate being able to offer coverage through our partnership with Sprint at some point on the G Stylus.

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Hey guys, me again. In trying to purchase the SIM card, I am unable to proceed in the purchase, because when I get to payment options it won’t let me click NEXT. It wants either a promo code, or keeps saying “I’ll choose my plan when activating my phone.”

Is there a way to buy the sim card on its own?

Are you using a phone to try to place the order?

No. Chrome on a laptop.

Is the payment method form not loading?

Correct. Just looks like this. Multiple tries.Payment

Another user experienced something similar yesterday. Do you have any add-ons on your browser that might be blocking an iFrame or javascript from loading? Anti-phishing add-ons maybe?

Without changing, I just got it to work. So regardless, THANK YOU! I appreciate your kind service today!!!


In my case, I was using NoScript with my browser. Normally, when I make an online purchase via a shopping cart, I simply need to give temporary permission at the beginning and I sail through. This time, even after granting permissions, I became stuck on step 5. This threw me for a loop and I didn’t think to check permissions again. I should have, as while uncommon, it was not a singular experience.


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