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Hi, I’m looking to upgrade my moto x1. Considering an s8 or s9 plus unlocked from eBay. My current sim is cdma but I’m not thrilled with my coverage. I was wondering if I should switch to gsm and how to do so or use the dual SIM to switch back and forth. Zip code is 50036


First, know that the SIM in your X1 must stay with it even if you sell or give it to someone else. It cannot be moved to any other phone. You are familiar with the CDMA (Sprint) coverage. Go to the T-Mobile coverage map to see what the GSM coverage looks like in areas you frequent.

Be careful that the phone you buy on eBay is the exact model supported by RW. You can buy an RW GSM SIM here: Republic Wireless SIM Card Kit | Republic Wireless


If you are thinking about a Samsung Galaxy S8 or S9 purchased from eBay, please review the information on compatible Samsung phones in the article below:

There are some unscrupulous eBay sellers who will import, reflash, and misrepresent the model of phone they are actually selling. None of the models supported by Republic Wireless are dual SIM phones.

As for coverage, Boone county Iowa doesn’t look great with Republic Wireless cellular partners. I’m not sure GSM will be a coverage improvement, but you can try it out. The SIM card in your Moto X 1st gen will be unusable in any new phone. When you order a BYOP SIM card kit, you will always receive a GSM SIM. If you desire a CDMA SIM you can open a help request and have one sent to you after you have activated the BYOP GSM SIM.

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