GSM sim card not recognized

What phone do you have? moto g5+

What plan are you on?

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text? Data

Issue Description

Replaced CDMA sim with GSM. Followed instructions per rw app. App confirmed success. Now, app says sim type: unknown. No network connection.

Hi @face2511,

The Republic app is reporting this? If so, where (when merely opening the app or did you run a diagnostic)? What does Republic’s app say when merely opening it? Do you see a My Data page?

Additionally, may we know the reason for swapping the CDMA SIM for GSM. Was there a coverage issue with CDMA? If comfortable sharing, might we also trouble you for a zip code (nothing more)?

Thanks! I searched status on the app. Very poor coverage where we moved to at 26570.

I’m not familiar with how one would search status using the Republic app. Might you have done so using the Android Settings app? If you open the Republic app, does it open to a page titled “My Data”? Or, do you see something else? If something else, what do you see?

In any event, GSM coverage in that part of West Virginia is not at all good? CDMA coverage, on the other hand, is (according to coverage maps) reasonably robust. Were you having a coverage issue there before swapping the CDMA SIMs for GSM?

In the app, click on the gear, about phone, sim type

I reinstalled the CDMA sim. We’ll just deal with poor service.

Thank you, do you see your phone number there? And, if rather than tapping the gear, you tap the “cell bars” icon, what do you see?

To best help you, I also need an answer to the rationale for moving from CDMA to GSM. To be candid, GSM coverage in your area stinks. Were you having issues on CDMA?

Hi @face2511

Though you are replying by email, you are posting to Republic’s Community (an online public Internet forum). I suggest you delete the post with your logs.

At this point, we do not need to see logs. We simply need an answer to the question; were you experiencing inadequate coverage on CDMA?

If you’d prefer to work with Republic staff, which most of us answering here including myself are not, please open a help ticket.

On cell bars, just see amount of data used. My number is there. Poor coverage in this area. Now, when i try to make a call, a box appears saying in need an update. System says I’m current. I tried to send you diagnostics results. Says the network I’m connected to doesn’t belong to rw.

We can see the logs emphasis on we. You originally posted in Republic’s online Community forums 2 hours ago here: GSM sim card not recognized. Though you’ve been being notified by email when I respond and are subsequently replying by email yourself, this is not a one-to one conversation and I am not Republic staff. Our email exchanges are all being posted in the thread you originally started by posting in Republic’s Community. I’m suggesting you delete the logs because those have also been posted to Republic’s Community forums and we wish to protect your privacy.

As for:

There are a number of reasons the diagnostic might say this. It may be as simple as you are in an area of non-native roaming coverage. Roaming coverage is provided by a partner of Republic’s partner.

Rather than continue to trouble you further, I’ll ask first. Do you wish to continue troubleshooting in Republic’s Community? Or, would you prefer working directly with an agent? An agent won’t necessarily provide better answers, however, I want for you to know from whom you’re getting help.

Yes, poor service using CDMA.
How do I delete diagnostics report from the string?

You need to return to Republic’s Community using a web browser to delete the post with your logs. It cannot be done via email. The specific post is linked here: GSM sim card not recognized. Once there, click the three dots at the bottom of the post, then click the trash icon.

Thank you! Unfortunately, GSM is not a solution for you. If anything, GSM coverage is worse in your area. When looking at your home screen; are there any letters next to the cell strength indicator to the top right of your phone? If so, what are those letters? You will temporarily need to turn off WiFi.

Hi @face2511,

I’ve removed the diagnostics from public view in the Community.

I hope you’ll continue troubleshooting with either Roland here in our Community, with the Expert you are working with, or with our Help Team. I would suggest, however, that you not try to troubleshoot with multiple helpers at once, since each may not be aware of the steps you’ve been asked to take by the other. Pick one method of help, and see that through. The people who have been helping you are very knowledgeable and will work through troubleshooting steps methodically, and will refer you to the help team if the issue turns out to be something beyond configurations that can be adjusted on the phone itself.


@face2511 Have you resolved this issue?

Replaced original sim and reregistered. Back to original poor cell service, but we were finally able to get internet service, so wifi works fine.

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