GSM SIM for Moto E (XT2052-1)

**What phone do you have? Currently Moto E4

**What plan are you on? My Choice (annual)

**Does your plan include data, or just talk & text? Just talk and text

The above are for my friend’s phone, not mine.

I just received a 2020 Moto E from Motorola that I’m setting up for a friend who’s also on RW. His Moto E4 is having multiple problems, so he needed a new phone. I learned this afternoon that the 2020 Moto E takes a Micro SIM while his E4 has a Macro SIM. Amazon used to have RW GSM SIMs for only $1, but unfortunately no more (probably thanks to DISH). I don’t suppose there’s any way a Macro SIM can be “doctored” to fit a Micro slot???

I think all SIM cards Republic supplied were universal. You should be able to just punch the micro SIM out from the perforated border.

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Hi @larc,

Republic Wireless SIM cards for 3.0 phones are 3-in-one, meaning, as @cbwahlstrom described, you can punch out the right size. They are pre-cut for that purpose. See:

The Moto E4 used the same nano size SIM card as the Moto E 2020. The only Republic Wireless 3.0 phones that used the Micro size were the G4, G4+, and G4 Play.

This makes me wonder if your friend’s old phones is actually the Moto E2?


Sorry, @southpaw, but I used the wrong word with macro instead of nano. His E4 has a nano SIM, the smallest. Info I see on the Moto E 2020 indicates it requires a micro SIM, the mid size. But if my source is wrong and it actually also uses a nano SIM, then there’s no problem. Thanks for your help.


Here’s a link to Moto’s page about the Moto e (2020).

It has a hybrid tray that holds a nano SIM and a microSD card (for storage), so maybe that’s where the nano/micro confusion came from.


Hi @larc919, the Moto E 2020 uses a nano SIM. I don’t think a phone has been made that uses anything but since about the G4 in 2016.

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