GSM VS CDMA coverage

I have very weak direct GSM here at home, However I have a very strong WiFi at home. so it works here. Is there a map showing the coverage comparisons? In Oregon & Washington State’s

Just compare your coverage with TMobile(GSM) and Sprint(CDMA).
You can use those carriers coverage maps or a third party site like opensignal.

Hi @tonyw97007 and welcome to the Member Community. In addition to the opensignal site that @Burusutazu mentioned, some of the members use

As RootMeterics states on their web page –

“Real-world results depend on real-world testing. We use off-the-shelf smartphones to test the same things that consumers use their phones for every day-making calls, sending texts, and using data services. And because consumers use their mobiles at a variety of times and in a variety of locations, we test performance day and night, both inside and during driving.”

Because the RootMetrics coverage maps may be closer to real-life they might do a better job helping you determine the best coverage. Important since large parts of Washington and Oregon have little or no coverage. Like most coverage map sites, enter zip code and then select either T-Mobile (GSM) or Sprint (CDMA) in drop-down and look carefully for coverage differences. T-Mobile and Sprint are the two RW partners.

If you find that coverage is better with CDMA, and your phone will support CDMA, you might find this How To document useful –

The first link in the article has a list of CDMA compatible RW phones.

Hope this helps!

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GSM: T-Mobile MVNO map

CDMA: Sprint Map
note on Sprint map extended coverage is roaming coverage

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