Guide: (Linux - Fedora) Packaging Republic Anywhere In RPM Format

Note: I’d be more than happy to partner with Republic Wireless to publish a COPR or similar repository for Fedora/CentOS/Red Hat users on a more official basis

Like a few other Linux users have mentioned. It would be nice to have the Republic Anywhere application packaged for each operating system. I saw one also mention a SNAP. Now that I have a functional RPM I will probably look at doing an AppImage as a way to cover all distro’s at once. I’ve never done an AppImage so it will be fun I’m sure.

Taking the alien route does not work as others have discovered it fails to correctly detect libffmpeg and handle the libappindicator dependency. To resolve these issues I wrote a fresh .spec file, extracted the application from the .deb and let rpmbuild -ba mash it into a usable .rpm file. The target is x86_64 on Fedora 29.

I’ve recently learned how to watch the repository directly over HTTP. I’ll be adapting my process and employing something to automatically build new versions in the future.

Because you shouldn’t just blindly trust an RPM I built I’ll provide a link to the .spec file so that if you want to you can do the build yourself.

The .spec file:
The .rpm file:

If someone could update the various threads that are locked, in particular (Where Anywhere download for PC?) that hints at the best option running this in WINE.

The issue is resolved by setting executable permissions on the file ahead of the RPM package being built. (Where Anywhere download for PC?)
Based on feedback here I added libXScrnSaver to the dependencies (Where Anywhere download for PC?)


Hi @idlemind,

Thank you for your contribution! I’ve moved your post to our Tips and Tricks category.

I’ve unlocked Where Anywhere download for PC?, if you’d like to post there summarizing this topic and pointing to it, I’ll lock it back once you’ve done so, in order to focus the conversation here. Let me know which other topics you think need to be similarly unlocked and pointed to this topic.


Thanks Southpaw! I’ve added a note to that thread! For those keeping on eye on this. I have an AppImage built but it is still missing some of the dependencies so I’ll need to keep working on it some.

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