Guide: (Linux) Packaging Republic Anywhere In AppImage Format

Note: I’d be more than happy to partner with Republic Wireless to offer this AppImage on a more official basis. Possibly built off a CI/CD pipeline internally.

I noticed some users expressed a desire to see Republic Anywhere available in one of the newer package formats that are not tied to a package management system. I grabbed AppImage as an example. I tested the final product in a Solus Budgie VM and it allowed me to login and see messages.

Because you shouldn’t just blindly trust an AppImage I built I’ll provide a link to the app.yml file so that if you want to you can do the build yourself. I used the pkg2appimage-with-docker script that’s part of the source code for AppImage. You feed the script the app.yml file and it builds the AppImage file for you. It appears that Republic Anywhere is a NodeJS Electron app. The build toolchain “could” include a tool that with a command-line option will build and provide an AppImage. This would be a very easy way for Republic to release an official AppImage.

The app.yml file:
The AppImage file:

After downloading the AppImage file you may have to make it executable. You should be able to this by right clicking on the file and viewing it’s properties in a GUI. The CLI of course works as well with:

chmod a+x <filename>

If any additional dependencies need to be included for broader platform support let me know.


Another benefit of an app image is that this should allow Republic Anywhere to be portable between multiple Linux systems without much hassle.

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