H, E, X Over Cell Bars On Moto G6

We have 2 Republic Phones. A Moto G5 and a Moto G6 that I got in January. The G5 has cell reception in many places that the G6 does not. Often the G6 shows bars of reception with an H or E over them, especially if I get close to the outskirts of town or travel along highways. On our recent trip to Edisto Beach, SC I barely had cell reception or data anywhere below Columbia, SC. My husband had cell and data in lots of places. Both Republic Wireless, just Moto G5 vs G6. But the H and E happen in the key parts if the middle of town also. The places you would expect everyone to have reception. My husband’s Moto G5 will show the same signal strength, but he does not have and H or E over them and he is able to use cell and data, where as I am not. Often I cannot make calls but texts come through, sometimes delayed. Google Results said that we needed to change a setting so that the Moto G6 is configured for the type of Cell Signal in our area. That the phone is able to see the signal but is not setup to use that particular signal. I saw info about GMS vs HSPDA and T-Mobile vs Sprint signal and roaming native vs non-native. We live in Rock Hill, SC (29730, 29732). Never had this issue with my Moto G4 or my husbands Moto G5.

Republic Wireless Customer Service had me reset the Network Settings and Reactivate my phone. They said that cell coverage looks good in my area. But my issue still exists. They offered no other options. I feel like their service model is to put the ball back in the customers court.

What is the fix for this? What is going on? What are my next steps?

Let’s start with something simple. On each phone please open the Republic App, then hit the little gear at the top, and then About. What does it say there on each phone for “SIM Type”?


Sounds like you need to request a CDMA SIM card for your G6. See here for details

If you follow the guidance provided by @louisdi above…you should see that the SIM type in your G6 is GSM and you need a CDMA SIM for your area of use.

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