Hab check failed - Moto E (model XT1019)

My Moto E fails to boot. When I start with FasBoot it tells me that “hab check failed”. I tried to run the Lenovo/Motorola “Rescue and Smart Assistant”, to reinstall the firmware, but it tells me under the Moto e selection that there are no provision for model XT1019. I have a feeling that that firmware model is exclusive to Republic Wireless, and not available anywhere. So I am stuck with a brick.

I was looking into the Google Pixel 4 from Swappa, but I was cautioned that only the models with a I at the end were compatible with the Republic SIM. It makes me wonder if those model are really “unlocked” and can be used with another network.

So far I am really unhappy with the help that Republic is offering, but I do not know if any other network is really any better.

Hi @luigif,

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You are correct. That model is one of the old legacy phones and has a custom ROM. The Lenovo Rescue tool will not work on it I’m afraid. :slightly_frowning_face:

Also correct.

Republic My Choice phones are all US Factory unlocked phones and can be brought to other cell providers.

The Community would love to help you find a phone and make sure it workes on Republic :slight_smile:

Please post a link if you’re not sure and someone can take a look at it and will let you know.

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Frankly it is stunning that phone is still working. It is the equivalent of a 300 year old man.

This is the primary model in the US. It is what is sold by Best Buy, Google, B&H, Amazon, and pretty much everyone other than directly by Verizon.

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