Hacking LTE on Layer 2

Is RW aware of this security issue ?

As Republic does not operate a LTE network I don’t think there is anything they can do to prevent this this needs to be handled by the carrier partners who own the networks that Republic leases [Sprint and T-Mobile]


From the linked article:

  • How practical are the attacks? We conducted the attacks in an experimental setup in our lab that depends on special hardware and a controlled environment. These requirements are, at the moment, hard to meet in real LTE networks. However, with some engineering effort, our attacks can also be performed in the wild.
  • Can this happen to me? In theory yes, but expect the effort to be high . The most likely victims of such targeted attacks in practice are persons of special interest (e.g., politicians, journalists, etc.).

From a practical standpoint, this doesn’t appear to be of particular concern. I’m certainly unlikely to be worthy of anyone’s effort.

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