Had service with old phone and plan, now no service with new phone and plan (both Republic)

I just changed phones and moved from Republic Refund Base Plan to the 1 GB My Choice plan. On the old phone (Moto G 3rd gen), I had service where I am. With the new phone (Moto G Fast), I no longer have service and have to be on wifi to make calls. Is there something not configured right in the new phone? Or does the new service plan use different towers or something? Thanks for the help.

I also posted this question in the ‘ask our customers’ form. So sorry for the re-post, I just wasn’t sure which was the best place to ask.

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Johnny_5 helped me with this. The old phone was using CDMA sim type and the new one is using GSM. Apparently GSM does not work where I am, while CDMA does. He escalated the issue to Republic so they can get me a CDMA sim card.


Hi @davidt.jbjsv9, welcome to the Community and, thank you, for taking the time to let us know @johnny5 was able to help.

For others reading, if after upgrading your phone you notice the new phone’s service is not as good as the phone it replaced, please reach out here in the Community or to Republic directly. Most often, the issue can be favorably resolved.


I used the same “fix” by getting a new SIM card. I’m at work now with no signal on the new SIM card. All of my co-workers have full bars. I guess I’ll be switching carriers at the end of the month. Oh well.

For the record, Republic quickly shipped me a CDMA sim card like my old phone had, and I now have service again. Thank you!


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