Had to upgrade because Basic Data didn't start, but new plan starts today


So I had to “upgrade” my plan today to add more data for $15 for 2GB today (because I was out and the promised Basic Data Program that I was gifted with last month, didn’t kick in this month), but had I waited until TOMORROW, I could have bought just 1 GB for $5???

Introducing My Choice, a new plan from Republic Wireless

A few things. First the basic data program isn’t “promised”. It is a test. Republic can offer it once, twice, or never, it’s a test and not something one should rely on.

Now on to the change you had to make. You were on the 2GB plan and had to switch to the 4GB plan?


Well the email said I would have it through 1-15-18, so sounded like it would be more than once. And yes, I went from the 2GB to the 4GB, as there’s nothing in between until the new plans go into effect.


I would create a ticket and ask if they would refund yesterday plan upgrade as you did not know about My Choice plan changes when you upgrade yesterday


Hi @jannyjoslater,

I’ve moved your post to its own topic because I don’t want to lose it amid the very busy conversations in the My Choice topic.

I can’t review your account right now, because of the system maintenance, but will be glad to do so once the maintenance window is complete.

I would like to explain that “Basic Data” does not kick in immediately. We see an awful lot of tickets from people who say it didn’t work, and then a little while later realize it’s now functioning. It does take a period of time to engage.

As with anything in life, timing may not always be perfect for everyone. Things go on sale just after you buy them, things break just after the warranty expires, and your need for additional data just preceded the availability of one-time data by a few hours. :crying_cat_face:

The good news is, should you run out of data again in the months to come, you can purchase an additional GB for only $5 without having to worry about downgrading a plan before the next billing cycle.

I’ll DM you, and let’s talk about how we can make today’s experience better for you.


Same thing happened to me. I’m on the 1 GB plan. I ran out of my 1 GB thinking I would have free basic data but I’ve been waiting for several days now and still no data. Was promised free basic data through 1/2018 per the email.


My extra data kicked in within an hour or two the other day.

You may want to open a Support ticket. Help Ticket | Republic Wireless


Hi @ericl.pi3yfx,

I see our support staff was able to help you. Thanks for letting us know you had experienced a glitch in the process.

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