Hair trigger power button on Motorola G5 Plus

First full day with the G5 Plus. I see this has been asked about earlier models of Moto phones. The G5 Plus has the power button in the most unfortunate position- right in the middle of the phone where you want to hold it. I’ve turned off my phone four times today, usually right in the middle of a call.

With the fingerprint sensor, the power button is essentially never needed. I never turn off my phone on purpose. The only reason to press the button is to wake it up, which I can now do with a finger.

I take a lot of pictures for my work, and I usually set camera apps to use the volume buttons to operate the shutter. That way I can operate the cam one-handed in landscape mode without awkward gymnastics. I’ve hit the power button accidentally over and over today.

I have a case over the phone, but it doesn’t seem to help. I’m getting ready to hack the case with something glued over the power button, so it can’t be pushed unless I remove the case (yeah, I’m an engineer, I do things like this. Drives my family nuts.)

This is pretty annoying for an otherwise great phone. Can the power button be disabled, throttled, is there an app to swap buttons?

Is it as easy to press WITHOUT the case? I only ask because one of the cases I use with my Moto X Pure Edition makes the power button press with the lightest touch…it’s really irritating. My other case doesn’t do that. Someone on Amazon said with the irritating one, he filed down the thingy from inside the case, so it’s not so easy to activate the power button.

With or without, the power button is right in the middle of the phone where you hold it. Without a case, my phone would last about 5 minutes on a construction site where I work.

Bummer…I was hoping it’d be as simple as hittin’ the case with a Dremel. Hopefully someone will come along with a suggestion.

Here’s a simple hack that might help. I bought a cheap protective case for this phone (Otterbox didn’t make one at the time I purchased the phone, or I’d have an Otterbox Defender). I took an exacto knife and carefully cut the rubber button out of the side of the case’s gel covering. Now the button is difficult to push accidentally, however with the edge of your thumb or with extra force, it can be pushed. This may be the best I can do for a while. Sent feedback to Motorola at If you also have this problem, please complain to them and tell them the power button belongs at the end of the phone, not in the middle of the side where you hold it.

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