Handover from wi-fi to cell takes a few seconds

I am new to republic. I have a Moto G5 plus. I have noticed that handover from wi-fi to cell takes few seconds. I tested at home by starting a wi-fi call and then disconnecting the wi-fi in the middle of the call. I loose the call for coupe of seconds and then it comes back. I only have my home network checked on “Enable handover on networks” option. Is this few second lag expected behavior. Thanks!

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This is not expected behavior. You can try reproducing the issue on another WiFi network to see if it is unique to your home network.

This blog has some excellent info for optimizing your WiFi settings

Maximizing your WiFi - getting the best from your Router/network

Otherwise, please submit a help ticket


With the advances that Republic has made with ‘Bonded Calling’ the handover is usually seamless. As your WiFi signal weakens, Bonded Calling will begin to supplement the slow/missed packets in the data stream with data being sent in parallel over the Cell data channel and starts the call setup process. Once the degradation reaches the algorithm’s threshold the call will totally be transferred to cell.

In your test case, by killing the WiFi, you will see some lag before a call path via cell can be fully valid … try testing by walking away from you home WiFi and see how it performs for you

Thanks! I used your suggested test case and there is very minimal lag(less than 1 sec) when walking away from home WiFi as compared to killing the Wi-Fi connection.

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