Hands free app for Moto G7 Power?

Hi Everyone, I just switched from my old Moto X gen 1 (over six years of a great phone!) to a new G7 Power. I miss the Moto hands free app on my Moto X, which would read my texts to me while I was driving and allow me to reply by voice. I tried DriveMode for G7 Power, but it just never got working well at all. Does anyone have any recommendations for a hands free app for the G7 Power? I don’t typically have any cell data, so one that relies on that won’t work for me.


Google Assistant is pretty good. I don’t know if it works without cell data. Personally, if someone sends me a text when I’m driving, it can either wait or they can call me.

I use Android Auto. The only downside is that I have to turn it on manually. It provides a simplified and enlarged interface, reads me texts, and makes it an easy tool for navigation. Google Assistant also works in Android Auto.

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