Hangouts Jan, 2017

I have been having problems with my phone and have been trying to fix it and by golly, I found it!

It turns out that Google Hangouts took my number directly from Google Voice and installed it as my Primary call and receive number. In short I already know that all of my calls in the morning were bouncing to hangout and forwarded to google voice. What makes this worse is that I never authorized this. Hangout when installed just installed my voice number.

Why the concern? My work called and they had to call twice to get in touch with me. All because of the call forwarding.

My phone was waking up and trying to decide which number to use. I just disabled my Google Voice number and hopfully that solved the problem.

So how did I do it?

You go into> Google Voice> Settings and delete number. I wasn’t offered the choice of suspending the number. But that’s ok. I only need one.! There is no way in Hangouts to change you call number unless you go to Google Voice.

Hans anyone else had this problem? or has anyone checked to see if Hangouts is using a different number?

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