Hangouts text messaging only via WiFi

I can only send and receive a text message via Hangouts over WiFi not by cell signal even though cell access is enabled in the Republic app (??)

What model phone do you have! What plan are you on? Are you able to use other apps that require data while on cell?

It’s a Moto G with the Base Plan + 0.5GB cell data. I get SMS, Voice Calls, Yahoo Mail, Accuweather via cell when WiFi is not available. Cell access is enabled for Hangouts (but disabled for other Google services).
Thank you for your reply.

Hangouts routes data through Google Play Services (and maybe Carrier services) when the phone is idle. If you have those blocked, it’ll keep Hangouts from working properly on cellular.

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Yes. That fixed it! Google Services was disabled. I enabled it and it works.
Thank you so much.


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