Hardwired Phone


Hi! I THOUGHT I saw a handset for “at home” use somewhere in my RW travels but am not finding it now.

Because of medical issues, I need to turn off my wifi at home and am hard-wiring my devices directly to the router. I’ve not had a “home phone” in years but need to do that.

Did I see a product like that somewhere?? Maybe in relation to Republic Anywhere??

***Update… yep, I found it!! Texting App | Text from Computer | Republic Wireless … but appears to be a wifi device as well. :frowning:




Unfortunately, R.W has no ability or support for any “hard wired” phones.
The Anywhere HQ is a wif/mobile data device. Does not appear to have a option for hardwired Ethernet connectivity.
There is a similar topic thread by another user about such hardwired or ViOP based devices.

I can suggest, as this post mentions, getting a cordless phone with Bluetooth connectivity if you need a more, landline type setup. However, it still would need the smartphone it is paired too to be on wifi or cell network.

Unless ther is some super rare thing that makes one allergic to a wifi radio signal…I dont understand this reasoning. I dont mean to pry into your personal medical issues…no need to explain such if u dont want to.


That will only work for the phones normal internet data connection.
The R.W. app can not route its services for Bonded calling over a wired OTG adapter…has to be on wifi.
This was discussed about in another thread quite some time ago.
(I am not sure about texts though…I would have to test that)


Thank you so much!! I’ll have to look into that more. It doesn’t seem like the phone portion would still work… but maybe there is something out there for it. I was trying not to have to get another line, but that may be what we need to do. C’est la vie. Appreciate your input! :slight_smile:


Thanks for your input. Bummer that there isn’t a product available yet with my heroes, RW! Maybe one day. (I LOVE their Relay product… this company is on the right train for sure!)

I appreciate your question about the medical issue… EHS is not a “recognized” medical condition in the U.S. yet (it is in some other countries) but it is a very real problem for me and many others. I suspect it will be acknowledged more and more as we continue to amp up our environment.

I encourage you to research the effects that devices such as “smart meters” and “5G” have on your health. Scary stuff. (They are just starting to install smart meters in the Raleigh area … we are in the first “flight”. If you are able, I encourage you to “Opt Out”!)

Anyway, I appreciate your knowledge! Best Wishes!


EHS…interesting. Hadn’t known there was a technical term for that.
I can say I am a tad sensitive to some things, like I can’t get very near to one of those Windpower turbine control station things, that a church I visited had installed in their lower level, or go right up to them large electrical service boxes for buildings…I get a headache and hear a high pitched whine.


Hi @carissam,

Anywhere on a PC would work if the computer is hardwired to your router.

Right now it supports only texting, but we’ve been testing calling from the computer app and will be rolling that out when it is ready.


Whoo hoo!! That’s GREAT news! Thank you! :slight_smile:

(And I currently have… use… LOVE… my Anywhere for texting!)