Has anybody had any succes in bringing a Sprint Samsung S7 Edge, SM935P to republic?


I have an Edge 7 Sm-935P from sprint I want to bring to republic. I don’t mind voiding the warranty. Thank you. Just like I thought. I will be trying this…


Hi @genesisf

I cannot answer your question, but you may find this thread interesting…
Bring Any s7 device to RW (Flashing)

Note: Rooting and User Modification – Republic Help

While you will still be able to use your rooted or modified phone on Republic’s service (provided you are not abusing our service or otherwise violating our Terms of Service), you will void your Manufacturer and Republic warranties on your phone and be unable to receive any future support assistance for that device.

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Hi @genesisf,

As noted by @c1tobor, I have seen anecdotal reports in Community indicating that S7 edge variants that started life as carrier branded, then were flashed with the North American factory unlocked firmware have been successfully activated on Republic. Please understand this is entirely unsupported. If it doesn’t work for you, Republic will not support making it work.

Additionally, it’s likely such a flashed S7 edge will activate (if at all) only with Republic’s GSM partner. More likely than not provisioning service with Republic’s CDMA partner (Sprint) won’t work. For more on why that might be important, please see here:


A small quibble. Since an Sprint SM-G35P cannot possibly be purchased from Republic, there is no Republic warranty to void. @genesisf has already indicated comfort with voiding the manufacturer’s warranty.

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I posted the link and tried to quote that section. In the editor, it shows the link, but not the dialog, although it does show in the preview. I cannot edit the not-quoted-quote because it doesn’t exist in the editor, …if that makes sense.

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