Has anyone else had trouble making calls to an old Republic Wireless number?

I recently had two phones with Republic. Because of a life change, I needed to switch carriers on one of my phones. So I ported my number to Verizon a month ago. My wife is still using her Republic Moto E 2nd Gen. However, she is not able to call my phone now that I am on Verizon. She just gets a busy signal. My sister and brother also use Republic, and they both cannot call my Verizon phone either as they just receive busy signals. I assume it is because my number was ported out of Republic. Any ideas on how to fix this?

There’s probably some internal routing issue affecting Republic Wireless customers wanting to call the previous Republic Wireless (now Verizon) number. Submit a Republic Help request and it can likely be fixed rather easily.

@cbwahlstrom, thanks for your input. I contacted Republic Help via chat, and I was told they cannot troubleshoot the number because the port is complete. I have a feeling you are correct, but there is nothing they can / will do.

That doesn’t make any sense to me. I wonder if chat misunderstood you.

@matthewr.ei3fcd Please post your ticket number.

@southpaw@rw can you look into this?

Hi @marshallh,

Thanks for the ping. There’s no ticket number when one does a LiveChat. I’ve found the chat session, and I’ll follow up to see if there is any further resolution we can explore.

The problem could be on the Verizon side, but it sure sounds like Republic is trying to route the call internally to keep it off the PSTN (thus the call fails because it is no longer is internally routeable). I would still put in a ticket with the time and date of one of the calls your wife has made that fail. Hopefully support will trace the call and find the source of the problem. I seem to remember @seanr mentioning something like this in the past.


Hi @matthewr.ei3fcd,

Is it the number ending in 3430?

As @southpaw@rw mentioned I have not ticket number.


Hi @matthewr.ei3fcd ,

No need for a ticket, nor to contact Verizon. I’ve asked a technician to take a look and he did find some lingering routing issues on that line. He has escalated the issue to the attention of the engineers that can resolve the routing issue. I’ll let you know here once I hear back from the engineers responsible for the fix. I’ve also followed up with the chat agent who assisted you to make sure she is aware that the symptoms you described are worth additional investigation.

Thanks, @southpaw@rw ! I did open a ticket though (#112694). Sorry…

I’ll take care of it. Thanks.

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