Has anyone else had trouble with Affirm financing?

I have tried 3 times to finance Republic Wireless phones for my boys with Affirm and 2 of the times, through no fault of my own, I have gotten the message that Affirm was not able to verify my identity. Once was back in August and once was today. It also states the decision is final. The problem is that they want to verify identity by sending a text message to the phone and we don’t get those text messages. In all the attempts to send and resend the code on the different occasions we have received the code once, and when entered we received the final decision message.

My husband and I are employed full time, have excellent credit and are homeowners. How can we possibly be qualified for a $250,000 home loan and not $349 phones?

Here is the copied message:

Thank you for
considering Affirm.

Affirm can’t approve the loan you requested because we couldn’t verify your identity based on the information we received.

Our decision is final. Please return to the merchant and use a different payment method to complete your purchase.

VoIP/Landline and pre-paid numbers can not be used to do any sort of Identity verification that such things as banks, credit services, banks…etc do. This has been discussed to death in multiple treads here in Community Forums.

But…I would think that since R.W. has setup some sort of contract with Affirm to finance phones purchased through them…they should be able to accept R.W. numbers for text verification, so that current R.W. customers can make use of the service.

There are other ways to complete the Identity Verification in most cases. Usually they ask multiple choice questions whose answers given are sourced from public records. “Where did you own land or property in the year ####> In what month was your (related family member) born?” …etc.
I have “failed” these a few times with banks and many times the “answers” they have, there is no correct answer and no option to say none of the above, so you just have to guess. A royal pain for sure.

Thanks for your reply. I’m a busy mom with 4 boys active in sports and scouts and don’t have time to search the forum for past discussions, although I knew I couldn’t be the only one with this financing problem. We were given no options except to have the code texted to us or to receive a phone call. Once the text option has been exhausted their decision has been made and there are no other ways to verify your identity. Even if you try to go in again they remember you and the message that you have been declined greets you again. No matter, I found the phones we are looking for new and unlocked for $149 cheaper on Amazon Prime with a 5 month no interest payment plan which solves the problem AND saves me money.


Given the affirm interest rates I do not recommend them, the best is to save up for new phones before they are needed or get a small loan from a bank/credit union to cover the cost [paid back under a year] even using a credit card to cover the price and paid back quickly is a better deal,
I personally try and put $20 a month in a savings account to pay for the next needed phone [phones last 2-3 years that gives $240-$360 for the next phone]


I have a friend here in the community of members that has a 800 credit score and a homeowner and was turned down to buy a phone by affirm. I don’t know if it helps but he protested it still and lost his case because it was a final decision but they did admit problems in their system. Affirm is losing hundreds of thousands $$$$ a year on their faulty program.

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Hi @racheln.rhfiio,

I’m sorry to read that you had some trouble receiving the text message from Affirm. I hope you followed up with their support on that matter.

Please understand though, that there is a tremendous difference between not being able to verify your identity and not qualifying for a loan.

You are very likely more than qualified for the loan, and the inability to verify your identity should not be taken as an insult. As an online lender, Affirm is in a very precipitous position. They must take extra precautions to be certain the people they are working with are who they say they are. In the end, these extra precautions are there to protect you and the excellent credit score you and your husband have worked so hard to earn. If they allowed a loan to someone under your name without being absolutely positive, beyond a shred of a doubt, that it was you, they would be putting you at tremendous risk. Fraudsters would love the opportunity to purchase a phone on your credit and then walk away, making no payments and leaving your credit ruined.

I’m very glad to see the end result of this experience was that you found a better deal on the phones. Would you like to share that link so the Community can verify the phones are compatible with Republic Wireless and so others can enjoy the same savings?


Certainly, here is the link: Moto X (4th Generation) - with Amazon Alexa hands-free – 32 GB - Unlocked – Super Black - Prime Exclusive https://www.amazon.com/dp/B077YNYFPD/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_pDs6BbK5AEQ2V

I don’t consider it an insult to be declined, but a complete aggravation. And I certainly can’t let the absurdity of Affirm’s verification process go unnoticed. We waited a few months to finally upgrade my oldest’s phone and get another phone for my second oldest. I had done the research and counted on it to be easy to get the phones when we were ready. But then I had to go back and research again. Thankfully it was to my benefit. The only unfortunate thing is the timing caused my son to be without a working phone on an extended trip.

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I once tried Affirm and got rejected, then remembered that I had a credit freeze (due to being a victim of fraud)! So I can’t open anything new, without lifting the freeze, but can use what I have available to me now.

Recently to my happy surprise my low end AMEX CC, (this is the free card, not the ones with the annual fee) offered me to put a large purchase on payment plan without interest, just a reasonable flat fee per payment. Sometimes the CC you already have, may offer a better payment deal.

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And many credit cards have other perks, such as Warranty Extension, or Price Decrease Protections, or even Phone Protection Insurance if your phone is damaged.

Also, if you are looking to make a large purchase, it may be of interest to actually look at those credit card offers you get in the mail that u always think as junk mail. I got one from Bank Of America Mastercard for no annual fee, 0% APR for 2 years, and $200 cash back after $500 worth of purchases. This was great to use for my ~$800 cost for new prescription eye glasses and sunglasses i really needed.

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Unfortunately these advantages of some credit card are going away [discover removed most of these this past year and other Banks are doing the same]

Good information for others, not me. I had myself removed from those CC offers in the mail. I have to be constantly vigilant, fraud is rampant in my state.

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I’ve tried with affirm a few times. I get the text, type in the code and always get the exact same message as you did. Why can’t you verify me if you can anyone? in a split-second by me reciting the code they just text my phone. At that point had they even asked any personal info, like our name? :wink:

Sorry for the delay to your inquiry. Have you emailed Affirm with your code issue? Here is their contact email address: help@affirm.com

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