Has anyone had these problems since Android update on G4 plus

Since the android update on my G4 plus my phone has been rebooting on its own and doesn’t always hook up to wifi or at least doesn’t show the half moon that I’m making phone calls over the internet. Has anyone else been have this problem?

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For the WiFi issues, I would recommend

Open Settings > Backup & reset > Touch Network settings reset > Tap Reset Settings. (Please note that this will reset Wi-Fi, Cellular data and Bluetooth settings which means you will have to input your Wi-Fi credentials again.)

For the frequent restarts, try

Clearing the Cache

The last resort option is

Factory Reset

If that doesn’t clear it up then you are likely looking at hardware failure. All new phones usually come with a one year warranty. If the phone was bought from RW, please submit a help ticket.

In addition to that problem, I have recently had my phone get stuck on a black screen or go greyscale. If I fiddle with the power button I can sometimes get it unstuck, but not always.

Have you tried the other debugging I recommended in my response above.

Also, you are responding to a 6 month old thread…please open a new thread so that your issue will get the attention it deserves.

The more details you provide about your specific situation, the more the Community will be able to help you. If you prefer individualized assistance, please submit a help ticket

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