Has anyone received their new SIM?

Just wondering if anyone has received their new SIM card?
I need to order one and was hoping for a general timeline.

they’re shipping by USPS near it’s busiest time of year (Christmas holidays season) I would expect to see it for at least 5 business days assuming one is close to the distro center

Are there any plans to offer the 5.0 cards through Amazon similar to the My Choice cards? Might help with the logistics.

There are no known plans for distribution outside of Republic’s website at this time. One no longer buys a SIM per se. One buys a plan, which comes attached to a SIM.

Given the target demographic, I would guess DISH would ultimately like to get Republic into brick and mortar retail but time will tell


The plan buying as I see it is just to lock in at least a month of plan payment with the sim purchase. Beyond that nothing could be happening until the activation. Same thing could just as easily happen through an Amazon sale…or Best Buy if you want to go brick and mortar.

This whole notion that older people are not tech-savvy is fundamentally flawed. Regardless of age people like simplicity and ease.

It is the opinion of DISH’s marketing folks their approach embodies simplicity. One is free to agree or disagree on the approach, however, that is their opinion.

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