Has anyone tried swapping to a De-Googled Phone?

Just curious as to if anyone has been able to swap to a De-Googled phone?

Hi @jasonk.h0bd3m,

It isn’t going to be possible to completely “de-Google” a Republic activated phone. Republic’s service requires Republic’s mobile app. The only way to officially acquire Republic’s mobile app is via Google’s Play Store app, which, in turn, requires a Google account.

Further, a truly de-Googled phone would require using a custom Android ROM. Republic’s app will not activate a Republic SIM in a compatible phone using anything other than the manufacturer’s stock ROM.

Bummer… I really am acquiring a great distain for iOS and Google Android.


Well there are alternatives to ios and Google, they just don’t work with republic.


Those options are few and far between though. Even outside of Republic, Android and iOS are the big two. Unless you can make do with a flip phone probably best selecting the OS you dislike the least. :man_shrugging:

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Here’s my favorite stat. Worldwide, in 2020, Android had an 84.8% market share, iOS had an 15.2% market share and Other had a 0.0% market share. Are there no other OSes on smartphones? There are, but all of them added together don’t even round to 0.1%. Even with Huawei rolling its own because of the US trade ban IDC predicts that “Other” will remain at 0.0% all the way though the end of it’s current forecast period, 2025.


Never said there were any worth persuing, just said that there were some.

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I’m looking for a solution as well. I’m done with all things Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon, et al. Let me know if you find anything. I’ll do the same. I have a rotary phone from the 1940’s in my office for decor. I think it may still work. Now, if I can just get some copper and POTS!


You phone needs a digital converter! Lol
Well atm use Brave instead of chrome. Swap to a different social platform. And try to buy local. Use Duck duck go for a search engine… It will help! Plus remove all the other garbage off your phone.

Yeah, already there. But I want Google COMPLETELY GONE. If that means RW and I say goodbye, so be it.

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There is always a red pill - https://puri.sm/products/librem-5/

And this: https://e.foundation/

I love the sheep comments… “no, no, no… we can ONLY use Apple & Google. We can ONLY use Apple & Google…” Come ON people. Open your eyes. Monopolies have NEVER been a good thing. Competition IS a good thing.


I’m not sure that phone will ever be more than a novelty. Some folks put down money on Librem 5 and have been waiting for years to get theirs.

I agree. Right now only two are competing. A third has enough backing to maybe make some noise (Huawei). The rest don’t have the resources. Windows Mobile failed with ample resources. The same for webOS, which I really liked. Someday someone will come along with a mobile OS that dethrones Android and iOS. When they do, I’ll buy it. Hopefully it will fit in a finger ring sized device with a display built in to my glasses. I don’t really care for carrying around a tablet sized phone.

Looks good but I don’t see who you would be able to use as a carrier? Back in the day there’s rumors of the possibility of a brand called sailfish. But that never came to light… Unfortunately.

A “smartphone” wouldn’t be a phone without a carrier. These entrepreneurs creating de-Googled platforms know you need cell service. RW uses Sprint as its cell backbone. Just go to your local Sprint store, tell them what you want to do (de-Google) and hopefully someone there is tech-savvy enough to talk you through it. I’m just technical enough to be dangerous and would probably turn my Pixel 3a into a brick by flashing it with a de-Googled Android OS. So, I’ll go with the /e/ solution… already setup. All I need to do is subscribe to a suitable carrier, get on Aurora for my apps, and voila! Google-B-Gone! I’m a fan of RW, but I love my privacy more.

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I’m afraid it’s not that simple. Since August of 2016 depending upon one’s phone and/or location, Republic provisions a compatible phone’s cellular coverage with either T-Mobile or Sprint.

Further, Republic’s service blends the Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) network of Bandwidth.com with either T-Mobile or Sprint network cellular coverage. VoIP is the technology powering the WiFi portion of Republic’s unique (sufficiently unique to be patented) blended service.

The bottom line is Republic’s blended service is managed by and, therefore, requires Republic’s mobile app on the phone. The only authorized means of acquiring Republic’s app and keeping it updated is Google’s Play Store.

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True de-googling requires custom roms for Android so I don’t think it will work with Republic.

Fantastic, so only Verizon or AT&T or T-Mobile will have all your info, every IP you visit, every call you make, etc. OK, so then you can run a VPN on top of your de-Googled phone and they’ll only have every location you’ve been to and every call you make and every text you send. OK, you can then use only calling and texting through Signal which means you can’t call your local business or friends that don’t use Signal but privacy right? And now the carrier only has your location. Of course if you want to navigate you’ll use Open Streetmaps. That might get you there, but the experience will be terrible and at least Google won’t know where you are, but your cell carrier still will.

At the end of the day carrying a smartphone is an exercise in convenience vs. privacy. There is no such thing as privacy as long as you have a turned on cell in your pocket.

This may be the funniest thing I’ve seen in a while. You’ll be lucky if you find someone savvy enough to open the box the phone comes in.

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Just curious, what exactly would you like them to get together? You want them to completely change the way their service works in order to appeal to an audience that makes up exactly 0.0% of the market when rounded?

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