Has anyone tried swapping to a De-Googled Phone?

Freedom is never given, it must be seized.

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And 20 years ago Linux had what percentage of the market?

In 2000, Linux had 25% of the server market. In 2020 they still have less than 2% of the desktop market. Android is, of course, based on a modified Linux kernal.

Republic Wireless started out with one phone…an LG Optimus S running a CyanogenMod ROM they developed to integrate Wi-Fi calling. I had one. The level of service is so much better now.

It’s probably worth mentioning that Republic Wireless does offer some added protection from the prying eyes of the cellular carriers. By utilizing their own implementation of Wi-Fi calling, that CPNI data (when utilizing Wi-Fi calling) stays outside the cellular carriers view. The same can be said for Republic Wireless SMS/MMS texts, since they utilize infrastructure apart from the cellular carriers.

At least, that’s the way I understand it.

We’re talking about consumer services. In the overall desktop market Linux hasn’t hit 2%, in the consumer space it rounds to 0.0%.

There is the Ubuntu Touch, which uses a linux-based operating system. I believe it can be totally google -independent. One article I read says T-Mobile and several EU carriers support it. But you’d be paying more than double what you pay with Republic Wireless. Let me know if someone finds another solution.

You could always install ‘Aurora Store’, via the apk, which will allow you to download apps from Google Play Store anonymously. I anticipate doing this on my next phone, which will be de-Googled.

For those considering Aurora, one might want to know the effort originates in India. There’s nothing inherently wrong with that but for folks wanting an “all-American” alternative to Google (or Apple), I don’t believe such a thing exists.

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Hello JasonK, I’m sure you and I are not alone on getting out from under Google’s Thumb. I recently purchased a Pixel 4a and loaded Graphene on it. There are several YT videos and the instructions on the grapheneOS site is good. It appears Republic does not respect peoples right to privacy and is not interested in adapting their service to privacy respecting platforms. I will be moving to Visible Wireless as it does not depend on the Non-Privacy Google platform.

Fully encrypted would be nice.

When using VPN encrypted VOIP services they will only have geo-location information, a far cry better than opening up your whole personal life to every corrupt criminal organization on the planet. But go ahead take all the locks off your doors and invite the neighborhood in to rummage through your house see if I care.

Now that’s funny. I’m going to get more privacy by moving to Verizon’s data gathering project they call Visible. A sevice that relies on a specialized cloud infrastructure that all traffic (data/voice/text) passes through so every piece of data about my use is aggregated in only a couple of points on the network, and then belongs to one of the largest data collectors and non-objectors to government data request companies on the planet, Verizon.

May as well announce you’re moving to North Korea for privacy.

Funny, you offer nothing to the privacy concerns of your customers. Do you really think your dismissive attitude is going to endear your customers to stay with your service? Do you offer a solution? Do you offer a carrier that does not collect all personnel communications? Republic collects the same (Privacy Policy – Republic Wireless) but, also requires the use of Google which is notorious for violating privacy. The use of grapheneOS with the use of VPN and Encrypted messaging and VOIP is better than what Republic is offering for those who Respect themselves and their privacy. If I am wrong correct me and back it up with the technical information. from Graphene OS’s FAQ: What does GrapheneOS do about cellular tracking, interception and silent SMS?
[content available at the above link redacted]

Hi @JPE,

Just for the sake of clarity, @louisdi is not an employee of Republic Wireless.

I, however, am. And while I don’t wish to dismiss your desire for the utmost privacy, Republic Wireless is built on Android and therefore we are not able to support alternate operating systems, neither to facilitate your desire for privacy, nor to provide service for the thousands upon thousands of potential customers who wish to carry iPhones. We must focus the resources we have available on our existing business model.

We wish you all the best in your endeavor to enjoy a mobile phone experience with your privacy secured.


I’m just a customer of Republic, I don’t know who you think you’re talking to, but I don’t have customers.

again I don’t have customers, but if I did I certainly wouldn’t be worrying about the 3.6 people in the United States who might try Graphene OS. I’d be a bit more concentrated on something like the 50% of people who carry iPhones rather than the .00000000000000000000000001% who might try Graphene.

In fact I do. Pigeons.

Just to be clear, you’re never going to accept a text on your carrier number or make a call on your carrier number or transmitted unencrypted packet over Visible? If that’s the case, it is certainly more secure. It also is inconvenient and unsupported. Interestingly, you’ll find that Visible is designed and supported only to work on stock ROMs. People have worked around it, and there are some great threads on XDA and other places (“Visible Wireless and Custom Roms | XDA Developers Forums” Visible Wireless and Custom Roms | XDA Developers Forums) but I’m not willing to play whack-a-mole with my carrier to try and keep my service working. There’s a thread I can’t find right now on the subreddit, but I’ll look for it. Essentially every time visible updates their infrastructure, they put out a new carrier profile that’s picked up by the official supported devices, with a custom rom it just breaks. Sometimes, it’s a matter of months between these updates, and sometimes it’s three times a week. I need cell service that actually works. In addition, you can read the threads in the visible subreddit about those that have had their service terminated because they were using unauthorized hardware and OSes.

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