Has anyone tried the ASUS ZenPhone 6 with RW?

Just looking around for a new phone, and I kind of like the specs of the ASUS ZenPhone 6. Just curious if anyone else tried this with RW?

Hi @brickb and welcome back to the Member Community. I’m just another customer (member) like yourself and don’t have any knowledge about RW plans. I also don’t know of anyone personally that has tried the ASUS ZenPhone6. It is not on the list of compatible phones.

Doubt the ASUS will work, would expect the RW app to tell you it’s not compatible.

You could always make your interest in the ASUS ZenPhone 6 known by completing the following survey –

Survey: Bring Your Own Approved Phone

That’s my take on things! Maybe others will have other information to share.


H @brickb I’m the blunt one around here. This list of phones linked to above is the complete list. Any phone not on the list both won’t work and should you find a way to make it work, would be a violation of the terms of service to use with Republic.

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