Has Coverage Map Changed?

I’ve been content using my Motorola Pure Edition. However, for a couple of months now, I’m noticing it doesn’t connect to cell towers as well as it used to (within the same old territories). It isn’t the battery either. Yesterday was very stressful as it interfered with my getting data (accessing my calendar and emails) to meet a deadline. (The screen showed “Xfinity” if that helps.)

I’ve got the annual, pre-pay, plan package and had almost an entire Gig still available for complete service.

If it is the change/mergers affecting where I’ll get service, is this temporary and being addressed or part of living what I should expect in San Rafael, CA for example?

Hi @rg.ojeuz3,

I think what you’re actually asking here is “has coverage changed”. If you are asking specifically if the map has changed, the answer is no, we have not yet updated the coverage map on our website to reflect the ongoing changes brought by T-Mobile’s merger with Sprint.

T-Mobile is not building up Sprint’s network; instead they are using the infrastructure to build up the T-Mobile network. The Moto X Pure is an older phone and may not have the hardware (cellular bands) to receive cell signal where T-Mobile is making these improvements.

Could you look in the Republic app and tell us whether your phone is currently using a CDMA or GSM SIM Card?

With that knowledge, perhaps our Community can help better determine what’s going on in your area and whether you should expect the current disruption you’re facing to be temporary or permanent.

Thank you “Southpaw”. I’ve noticed, and appreciated, your rationale weekly responses within the community board.
Confused by the “@re.ojeuz3” it seemed best to create a help ticket. Where I received further assistance and am now hopeful it’s a temporary issue to be resolved with their guidance.
Corey confirmed the phone’s using a GSM card. We reset it and RW’s techies are helping further.
FYI: I did inform him that T-Mobile (unlike Verizon/AT&T) doesn’t work out here.

I gather your “Moto X Pure” is shorthand for the Pure Edition…

Thanks for your attention.

Hi @rg.ojeuz3,

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