Has Huawei stopped supporting the Ascend 5W sold by RW?


My 5W/Honor 5X has a 10/1/2016 Android security patch date. My notes to Huawei via their website contact us form go unanswered. The RW price for the 5W was slashed, suggesting it has been discontinued. Huawei had announced a program to better update its phones, but perhaps the 5W/5X isn’t supported any more. Anyone know what’s going on, good news or bad?


Hi @robertr.4tuajn,

It depends on what one means by support.

If referring to the manufacturer’s warranty, I would expect Huawei would honor that.

If one means Android operating system updates for the Ascend 5W, I wouldn’t expect to see any. In and of itself, this isn’t unusual for budget Android phones. Many Android OEMs don’t do a particularly good job of offering Android updates to their phones (particularly those that might be considered budget phones). I acquired my Ascend 5W when first sold by Republic in late 2016. Like yours, mine reports a security patch level of October 2016. On the other hand, a household Alcatel A30 (also a budget phone) acquired mid-2017 sports a security patch level of May, 2017. I’m not counting on seeing updates to that either.

Candidly, this is the downside to buying less expensive phones from lesser known manufacturers. They tend not to update the Android operating system the phone shipped with. Generally, the more expensive the phone at purchase, the more likely the manufacturer will provide software updates.



I recently needed to contact them about a Honor 6X. The contact option appeared to work but no response received.

You can go to their phone support page and initiate a chat session from the lower right corner. Ascend 5W is not listed but they should be able to help or refer you to somebody who can. …https://consumer.huawei.com/us/support/phones/

I generally despise chat but theirs was very helpful.


They do have good response if messaged on their Facebook page. Or, at least I had good response when I messaged them about my Ascend5w. This is part of the message with the 800 number.
“Not at all, we will always remain at your service. We do highly recommend that if you have any other issue or if you feel like your device could have some sort of defect, make sure that you call in and reported so that we can send it in for repair or to get replaced for you before the warranty expires. Hotline Support.
Language: English / Spanish / French / Mandarin
Num: 888.5HUAWEI / 888.548.2934
Time: English / Spanish: Monday - Sunday 7:00am – 9:00pm (CST); French / Mandarin: Monday – Friday 7:00am – 9:00pm (CST).


I do remember a previous topic when you mentioned their Facebook. It would be helpful if you added a link to the FB page you used. I looked, then searched FB for them and they must have a 100 different accounts/pages. Hence my resorting to chat. Thanks.


Hope this will work for you. Just tap on Send Message to message them.