Has my order shipped? Wow, republic really is doubleplus ungood now

Ok, so I’ve been happy with republic for 7 years, until now. I just wanted a simple answer as to when my phone was being shipped. Three help tickets and some platitudes and still no answer. Chat box is useless as the bottom is cut off, so I can type but not hit the submit button. Can move it side to side but not up and down. Called the number on the republic site, waited and hour and finally got someone, only to find out they are from Boost. Didn’t call boost, called republic.

I think there is still a delay in the shipping confirmation e-mails. I find having free accounts with the shipping companies (UPS, FedEx, USPS) are valuable for sending me notifications when a package is on the way to my address.


When did you place the order?

If you check the online account for the credit card you used, do you see a charge there?

yeah, they charged my card day of order. After over an hour wait, then having call routed to boost, then more wait time while boost agent contacted republic agent, finally figured out that there where shipping issues in the time frame that I placed my order, should have notification within 24-48 hours when it will be shipped, then item should arrive in 3-5 days after that. So, 9 or 10 business days for 3 day shipping… I understand that the changeover and such would be a bit difficult, but having no info is worse than having not great info.

placed order Jan 3rd

It sounds like you’ve already gotten the updated word on the issues with orders placed that day.

My understanding is that it should ship with expedited shipping, though, so hopefully you won’t have quite as along a wait now.

If you aren’t signed up already, you might want to sign up for UPS My Choice; they’ll then let you know when a package is on the way to you.

Also, just to confirm, is this the number that you called?


I’m signed up for all three. It is important to understand that they know Bill and William as two different people as they will with Jim and James. The first name in their address info has to correspond with the first name on the package. I would have thought they would rely on the street address but that isn’t the case.

that is correct

the issue isn’t the carrier, the issue was getting info from republic as to whether or not my phone has shipped. It hasn’t. but I appreciate the tips.

no mention of expedited shipping, just 3-5 business days,.

We’ve seen mention of extended hold times for those calling into Republic’s new toll-free number. It wouldn’t shock me if overflow calls were being routed to Boost agents and/or Boost agents were brought to Republic’s call center to “help”. At this point, nothing would shock me about the incompetence of Republic’s 5.0 rollout.


I found out it had shipped when I got an incoming package notification. It was coming from Philly. I guessed it was the SIM and sure enough it was. The email message arrived a week or more after the package.