Has my phone been spoofed?

I have received a couple calls today from people telling me that my number has called them. I haven’t called anyone (not even my Mom) and I don’t know these people. I’m concerned that this means my phone has been spoofed, as I cannot see these calls from my phone’s call log.

I have opened a ticket but wanted to know if you guys might have any suggestions.
I have a Moto X (first gen)
I have the talk/text/.5 data for 20 bucks plan

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Unfortunately the answer is that there really isn’t anything to do. Spammers rotate through numbers to avoid call blocking. It appears that you’ve gotten unlucky and some spammer is using your number right now. The good news is that shortly, you should find that they move on to yet another number.

open a ticket and have support change your underlying number.

That might work, if that’s what’s being spoofed, but if the OPs actual phone number is the issue, that will have no impact.

but I have if it is the main number then yes, OP will need to wait it out or just go ahead and change the main number, but if it is the underlying number a quick change may fix it…
I know that when I had the sprint underlying number the number of spam calls coming in were crazy
would keep getting an underlying number with an area code of TX, and I don’t think they gave those numbers a cooling off period.


Scammers have also been known to call numbers saying the exact same things in an attempt to get information.

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