Has Republic been hacked


In the last 2 days I have received 2 voice mail calls that ask me to enter my password to get the message. The message also says I can go the the Republic website to set up an account. This is very strange and it is the first time this has ever happened. Has Republic been hacked? Why am I getting this message?


Hi @johnl.xxl8ig,

When you dial into voicemail rather than using Visual Voicemail, you’ll hear a message that says, “Please enter your password followed by the pound sign. You can set up your password using the Republic Wireless app on your phone.”

Is this the message you are hearing? If so, it is a security measure that prevents someone from accessing your voicemail.

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Yes this the message I received.

If this a change that Republic implemented within the last month I am totally surprised because I have never had this message before.

If it is a change I am very disappointed that Republic has made such a major change without letting me know anything about ity.



Hi @johnl.xxl8ig,

It is a security implementation that was taken in December 2016. The announcement is here:

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Thank you Southpaw.


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