Has Republic historically offered Black Friday specials on their phones?


Thinking of joining Republic, or at least upgrading my girlfriend’s phone.


Historically no Black friday deals. If there are deals you can find them announced here.


But, you never know when they might surprise us. And, Motorola or other manufacturer may have their own BF deal on a RW compatible phone.


Anyone see any posted BF ads for compatible republic wireless phones?


A few stores have a special on Moto G5 Plus. I think the sale price is $229. Might check Costco or Sams Club online.

Edit: Actually, Target stores have it on sale as low as $209, and Costco as low as $170. I’m a Costco member. Contact me by PM if I can help.


OK, what arrangements need to be made to make the Costco phone comatible with Republic?



It is an unlocked Moto G5 Plus. Nothing needs to be done to the phone. It can be activated as a BYOP device.


See Bring your own phone to Republic! | Republic Wireless


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